Scandinavian Cup

Nordic Junior Competition 2014 in Rovaniemi

The Nordic Junior Ski Competition 2014 were in Rovaniemi (Finland) from January 31. til February 2. Unfortunatley not every race could take place. On friday (31th of january) it was to cold to start the sprint race for the cross-country skiers and on sonday (2nd of febrary) the team ski jumping for the girls was cancelled. There were not enough teams to compeed. 

 Link to Rovaniemi (finish side)


Nordic Junior Competition

The Nordic Junior Competition is an international cross country competition for juniors born in 1995 or 1996.


Norway, Sweden and Finland take part with six boys and six girls each. Traditionally some athletes from the USA participate, too. In 2013 we will furthermore probably have some Czech and maybe even some German athletes competing.


The Nordic Junior Competition 2013 takes place in Trondheim from January 18th- 20th.